The Full Story

The Founder, Bill Keenan, was born in the town of Mount Gambier S.A, famous for the Blue Lake set in a volcanic crater and the not-so-famous Bluebird train which used to run from Mt. Gambier to Adelaide. 'Bluebird Portfolio Services' is named after the Bluebird train. 

Bill graduated with an Accounting degree in 1992 and began in financial planning at Savings and Loans Credit Union in Adelaide. He found his passion was really the sharemarket and joined IOOF Trustees as Investment Supervisor managing around $400m at a relatively young age. He finished a Graduate Diploma in Finance and Investment and joined Austrust (later TOWER Trust and now AET) as a Senior Analyst. Later he was made Investment Manager, managing over $2bn in FUM by age 30.

After IOOF acquired TOWER Trust, he moved to Melbourne in 2006 and joined Lonsec as a Senior Equity Strategist with prime responsibility for the Lonsec Core model portfolio. Later he was promoted to GM, Equities and established Lonsec's own ASX 200 research. He left Lonsec in June 2017, after 11 years.

At that time, the Lonsec Core Model Portfolio had delivered a 15 year total return of 10.6% p.a vs the S&P/ASX 200 total return of 8.6% p.a. with a portfolio beta of 0.9, meaning the portfolio had added 2.0% p.a. in value, whilst also reducing portfolio risk.

Despite establishing a strong track record at Lonsec, Bill believes he can do much better without the distractions of modern corporate life (meetings!) and was keen to establish his own portfolios and research with a greater focus on delivering outstanding service and results for clients. He obtained his own AFSL and Bluebird was born!  

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