• Professional 'Quality & Value' process, with a 15-year track record

  • Industry leading performance, with a strong focus on risk

  • Australian Equity and ETF portfolios 

  • Highly experienced and conflict free advice

  • Working with sophisticated advisers on low cost managed account solutions

  • Services available via consulting or as a portfolio manager 

Bluebird is a licensed provider of ASX 200 portfolios, ETF portfolios, research, portfolio reviews and investment query support. The Director, Bill Keenan, has over 25 years' experience managing portfolios and providing quality research on ASX 200 stocks, ETFs and other listed securities. Bill was GM, Equities at Lonsec for over 11 years and Investment Manager at TOWER for over 8 years. Bill established a strong 11-year track record at Lonsec and is establishing a very strong track record at Bluebird. 

Portfolio returns and portfolio betas

performance chart June 2021
performance chart June 2021

portfolio beta's June 2021
portfolio beta's June 2021

performance chart June 2021
performance chart June 2021


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

How it works
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Bluebird offers three consulting packages as follows:

AE - Australian Equity Portfolios, Research, Daily Investment Support

AE+ - AE package, ETF portfolios and HNW portfolio reviews

Full - AE package, ETF portfolios, HNW portfolio reviews and Investment Committee Support

Each package is low cost and can be cancelled with 90 days' notice.

Stock Market Chart


Bluebird portfolios are also available on HUB24 and Finclear at 20-25bps. Bluebird is targeting Netwealth next.

Bluebird intends to offer high quality portfolio management at a very low cost. Bluebird is an active disruptor in the market.

Analyzing the data


Advisers typically start with a consulting package and work towards implementing an automated managed account solution over time.

Where Bluebird earns managed account fees that exceed our consulting fees, we will waive our consulting fees (but the consulting services continue). 

Advisers work closer than ever with the portfolio manager and this creates a high level of trust and understanding of the investment philosophy and process.


Fund-Manager-standard Investment Philosophy and Process

Bluebird has developed a high standard Investment Philosophy and Process which drives the portfolio and research services. The Investment Process employs comprehensive Quality, Value and Momentum filters that distill the ASX 200 down to high quality stocks that offer value and with less downside risk than the market.

Discussing the Numbers


Bluebird offers ASX listed model portfolios including: High Growth, Growth, Core, Income, ESG and a selection of diversified portfolios, that utilise ETFs. The portfolios contain our highest conviction ideas from our comprehensive ASX 200 research which employs Quality, Value and Momentum factors to uncover the best investments within the ASX 200. Bluebird issues regular portfolio performance reports with performance independently verified. The adviser is free to choose the degree to which they follow the model portfolios via their own IMAs or via SMAs or MDAs.

Market Analysis


Bluebird provides truly innovative research which focuses on identifying quality companies offering value. We add another factor, momentum, because we like to 'get on at the station' rather than 'hoping the train will stop in front of us'. What we don't want are quality companies that are expensive or poor quality companies that are cheap. This is EXACTLY where most investors go wrong. We employ a very rigorous investment process which investigates and rates every single stock in the ASX 200 for Quality, Value and Momentum.

Hotline Consultant


Bluebird provides a number of investment support services including: weekly portfolio and stock metrics report, performance reports, corporate action reports, email updates, thematic presentations, Company text file, portfolio review service and daily investment query support.

Analyzing the data


As Bluebird model portfolios establish a track record, Bluebird intends to roll-out the portfolios on to various SMA and MDA platforms. Bluebird portfolios are already available on HUB24 and Finclear at 20-25bps. Other platforms will follow.


Get expert and independent advice into your business that you can rely on

Bluebird Portfolio Services has been established to provide expert and independent advice to Advisers. It comes at a fraction of the price of employing an analyst or investing in a fund. And it is also non-conflicted, unlike most broker or ratings house advice.


Bluebird is privately owned by the Director and holds an AFSL to provide general securities advice on ASX listed securities and other products. Bluebird earns revenue from consulting fees or portfolio fees for services provided to Licensees and Authorised Representatives of AFSL's.

Bluebird's investment philosophy is that to be a successful investor you need to invest in quality companies that offer value. We add another factor, momentum, to further improve our risk/return equation. We have developed this philosophy and research process over 25 years and our track record is evidence that it works.



The Director, Bill Keenan, has over 25 years experience in portfolio management and investment research, with experience managing money and being accountable. More importantly, Bill has a solid track record. At the time Bill left Lonsec in June 2017, the Lonsec Core Model Portfolio had delivered a 15 year total return of 10.6% p.a. vs the ASX 200 total return of 8.6% p.a. with a portfolio beta of 0.9, meaning the portfolio added 2.0% p.a. in value, whilst also reducing portfolio risk.


Bluebird portfolios and research services are available under an innovative fixed fee-for-service model or a low cost portfolio manager fee. The value proposition is high standard portfolio management at a fraction of the cost of Australian Equity Fund Managers.


What does a broker report with a 12 month buy target tell you about the quality of the company, the risk/return equation of the stock and its short-term and long-term trend?  
Bluebird's investment process puts every stock in the ASX 200 through a thorough quality and risk rating. We then determine a minimum required return for the stock and assess whether the company can generate this return, over a 10 year holding period. Finally, we assess the momentum of the stock, preferring to see at least some short-term momentum before investing.


Bluebird is privately owned and can be relied upon to be available every business day to answer your queries via email and mobile, over the long term. We won't resign or move to another firm, leaving you with a 'merry-go-round' of investment advisers. 


"Bluebird has delivered a quality, comprehensive, and independent portfolio advice service to our Investment Committee and advisers here at Perks."

—  Greg Perks, Founder, Perks Accountants and Wealth Advisers, Adelaide



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